Our Common Table Hand Painted Serving Pieces

April 2019
03:15 PM CDT
May 2019
12:00 PM CDT

About Our Auction

Each of these serving pieces was hand painted by a participant in the "Our Common Table" collaboration. On a rainy Saturday in February, Cafe Momentum interns and Wesley Prep 4th graders gathered around a common table at the restaurant to create together. We spent a few hours painting, singing, visiting, and sharing a meal. We decided to paint serving pieces rather than individual plates to remind us of what we've learned through this project...there's always room for another person at the table. We are better together. Our hope is that the recipients of these pieces will use them to create a common table where friendships abound. Proceeds from this auction will benefit Cafe Momentum and Bonton Farms.

About Our Common Table

The Wesley Prep 4th Graders have been cultivating an ever widening circle of common ground in Dallas since 2016. In a time when our country feels more divided than ever, children are reminding our community that we are better when we come together. We have found a formula for connection that seems to work very well.
This year, we are breaking down barriers as we break bread. Cafe Momentum, Bonton Farms, and the Wesley Prep 4th Graders have collaborated on a cookbook, sure to inspire all who read it. The story we're telling the world is that we can connect, despite our age, zip code, past experience or beliefs, and the best way to connect is sitting across the table from one another, sharing a meal or creating something together. Some of our favorite recipes are included in the cookbook, and we gathered in homes to share meals and stories along the way as we tested the the recipes. Join us as we gather around Our Common Table to create a recipe for a stronger community! We will host a dinner at Cafe Momentum on April 28th, where we’ll feature some of our recipes and share some of our stories with you! Visit our website and follow our Facebook page to watch our story unfold. https://ourcommontabledallas.org

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