The Orianne Society's Bid for Conservation

November 2020
06:00 AM EST
December 2020
08:00 PM EST

About Our Auction

The funds generated from the Bid for Conservation auction will go to further The Orianne Society's research, conservation and education efforts to conserve critical ecosystems for reptiles, amphibians, and other species that rely on these important habitats. Our current efforts include conserving species and habitats of the Great Northern Forests of the northeast, and the Appalachian Highlands and Longleaf Savannas of the southeast. We invite you to take the time to learn more about The Orianne Society and our work at

We are immensely thankful for your support and the support of our board members, organization members, and friends of our organization that were so generous in making this auction come to fruition. Together, we are all doing more for conservation.

About The Orianne Society

The Orianne Society is a nonprofit organization formed in 2008 and headquartered in the State of Georgia. Our mission is to conserve critical ecosystems for reptiles and amphibians using science, applied conservation, and education. We work to conserve species through very strategic initiative which are designed using a customized, science-based approach.

Specifically, we examine a particular conservation target, such as Eastern Indigo Snakes, and determine the research and applied conservation programs needed to conserve the species.

Each conservation target requires a customized plan for conservation, and we conduct a variety of research projects and use the results to inform a diverse set of applied conservation approaches while informing the public on the importance of these species.

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