MyPaper Sunglasses 2014

August 2014
07:00 PM CEST
August 2014
11:00 PM CEST

About Our Auction

Sunglasses are a portal through which we see the world; they shape the way we see things just as much as they influence the way we are perceived. Toying with this idea, MyPaper Sunglasses proposes to switch the function of sunglasses from primarily functional to primarily decorative; a form of visual adornment. To this end, founder and creative director of the ongoing project, Otavio Santiago invited artists from Berlin along with those from his former home in Brazil to create eccentric glasses that can also let us be blind; a reverse blindness that transforms them into a curious object of attention.

About SomoS

Berlin Art House SomoS provides space and resources for presentation and production of the arts. SomoS organizes its own cultural events and closely works with artists, organizers and curators to realize their projects.

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