Milingimbi Art and Culture Centre

April 2017
10:00 AM AEST
April 2017
08:19 PM AEST
GOAL $30,000.00
38.7% To Goal

About Our Auction

All funds raised in this online auction will be used:
*to appoint a Studio Coordinator to provide consistent mentoring and training of Indigenous staff;
*to develop programs with the Milingimbi school and Crocodile Island Rangers:
*to upgrade the safety equipment on our one boat;
*to expand our art practice to deliver workshops in print making and other media.

There is no buyer's premium.
Unless stated otherwise, works art not on stretchers.
Any problems, contact Neil Wilson,

About Milingimbi Art and Culture Centre

Milingimbi, a small island off the Arnhem Land coast, was the site of the first mission in Arnhem Land, and became a focal point for cross cultural and artistic contact and research. Many artists have been inspired by contact with Milingimbi and its melting pot of Yolngu cultures. In the mid 20th century the name Milingimbi was synonymous with Arnhem Land painting. The Voyager space mission in 1977 set off with Manikay (ceremonial song) recordings from senior Yolngu elders Djawa, Mudpo and Waliparu.

Art from Milingimbi has been off the map in recent years due to a lack of continuity but life in the community is underpinned by cultural practice of which art making is key to identity and artistic practice inhabits a core place in Yolngu society.

It is important to contemporary cultural practitioners from Milingimbi that they are viewed as more than painters and artists. Their works are steeped in living traditions and involve constant ceremonial practice, and the navigation of two worlds. There is an ongoing negotiation with change through population movement, density and diversity to ensure designs and traditions are distinct, living and honoured.

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