Miles of Smiles Virtual SILENT Auction

Serving Other Souls, Inc.
July 2020
05:00 PM EDT
September 2020
07:00 PM EDT
GOAL $500.00
91.0% To Goal

About Our Auction

The Miles of Smiles annually collects 50-70 gift baskets that we traditionally offer as a Chinese Auction, but this year, we have to adjust the auction both in the fact that the auction will be virtual and online and the auction will be a silent auction where donors will offer their highest bid for a basket, and at the end of the silent auction time window, the person(s) who offered the highest bid will be charged for the price offered for that basket or prize.

About Serving Other Souls, Inc.

Serving Other Souls (S.O.S.),, is a servant-leadership group built to create leaders through service based initiatives.  The members of S.O.S. are students of Franklin Regional Middle School, in Murrysville, PA, who are dedicated to helping individuals with great need.  S.O.S members can offer their time, talent, or treasure to S.O.S service projects that aim to improve the lives of those who require aid. The overall goal of Serving Other Souls is to increase empathy and decrease apathy in all S.O.S. members as we serve those souls who require assistance. As S.O.S. members participate in service events, they are trained in finding those in crisis and developing a plan to help those individuals attain the necessary material, physical, or emotional support to relieve the crisis. With these beliefs and goals in mind, Serving Other Souls creates service events that have the opportunity to help those in need; improve the character of the students who volunteer; and possibly most important, offer hope to all those who attend an S.O.S. event that the world and the souls who live on it are worth smiling about.

Therefore, in the fall of 2012, Serving Other Souls was excited about the opportunity to assume the responsibility of the Miles of Smiles (MOS) for Sunny 5K from Running for a Reason (R4R), a disbanded non-profit organization that was originally created to organize and implement the Miles of Smiles for Sunny 5K. The group, R4R, existed from 2008 through 2011 and was disbanded when the executive board members could not come to a common vision on the future plans of R4R after 4 years of running the event.   From 2008 through 2011, MOS 5K generated tens of thousands of dollars for the namesake of the event, Sunny Carney, a Plum mother of three sons. Sunny was afflicted for over ten years with a rare and incurable form of cancer called carcinoid cancer. Since the disease is so rare, insurance rarely covered the treatments for this type of cancer. Sunny fought this disease with a determination and grace regardless of the financial obligations and her actions have inspired those who knew her.  Unfortunately,  Sunny lost her battle to carcinoid cancer on Nov. 3, 2012, the evening before our 2012 SOS Miles of Smiles 5K.  The race the following day was an amazing tribute to a strong and remarkable woman.  Since the inception of this race, the MOS 5K events have allowed so many people to share their financial and emotional support with Sunny and now other needy souls, and in return, these races provided Sunny and the others that we serve with the faith, hope, and love to help in their fight of the incurable diseases.

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