Mellencamp Auction for Woody Guthrie Center

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September 2018
08:00 PM CDT
September 2018
11:00 PM CDT

About Our Auction

The proceeds from these two auctions will benefit the Woody Guthrie Center Education Programs. Items offered are:

A pair (2) tickets in the 2nd row for John Mellencamp's upcoming concert at the Brady Theater in Tulsa on March 16, 2019. Also, a very special merchandise package which will be revealed soon.

A bandana from the 1986 Farm Aid concert with printed signatures by all performers. John added his actual signature while he was in Tulsa to accept the Woody Guthrie Prize on August 30, 2018.

About Woody Guthrie Center

The Woody Guthrie Center is dedicated to preserving Woody Guthrie's body of work and celebrating his life and the continuation of his legacy. As an educational facility, we provide resources to students, teachers, and academics about Woody's important role in American history and his advocacy for social justice.

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