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Marby Goods & Services Auction 2016

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August 2016
03:00 PM AEST
September 2016
09:00 PM AEST

Marby Goods & Services Auction 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Marby Goods & Services Auction. Most items have been donated by club sponsors or supporters and the auction is an important part of club fundraising for the year.
We are sure you will find something of interest at a good value price.
Happy Bidding!

About Maribyrnong Park Football Club

Marby Lions Online Fundraising Auction.
Part of the club's annual fundraising activities is a Goods & Services auction, rather than have a dedicated evening, we are looking to increase access to the many and varied goods and services donated by our loyal sponsors and associated friends of the club to help fund our activities by running the auction online.
Sign up and place your bids, huge thanks to our sponsors and donors, and also for your support.
Bang on a Bid and Bag a Bargain!

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