2021 MACV Silent Auction

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans
September 2021
07:00 PM CDT
October 2021
08:03 PM CDT
GOAL $7,400.00
93.7% To Goal

About Our Auction

Lavender Magazine is excited to partner again with Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) for this important fundraiser. All proceeds will go to support MACV's programs and initiatives and their goal: To eradicate homelessness among ALL veterans.

Come along with us in this fight to end veteran homelessness!

**In honor of the late Richard G. Ballintine, Colonel USAFR, past member of MACV's Board of Directors**

About Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans

The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans, or MACV, has a single mission:

Ending Veteran homelessness in Minnesota.

MACV is committed to ensuring that every Veteran has access to the services and support they need to avoid homelessness and achieve sustainable housing. This challenge is great, even in the best of times.
But our nation, state and communities have been impacted by two seismic events:

The international pandemic of COVID-19; and, the civil unrest that followed the death of George Floyd.

Donations will help MACV continue to approach veteran homelessness during these difficult circumstances “one veteran at a time.”

Your contribution will help fortify the organization's three (3) pillars.

First, housing. MACV has expanded partnerships to address the immediate need for housing for Veterans facing homelessness. Since the individual circumstances contributing to homelessness differ, MACV offers both permanent supportive housing and transitional housing for Veterans.

Next, employment. MACV Employment Services is a leader in the collaborative effort between the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, local nonprofits, the VA and employers throughout the state in obtaining meaningful employment for Veterans.

And finally, legal services. There are many legal barriers that prevent Veterans from obtaining housing. The MACV Vetlaw program combines legal outreach, support, and community partnerships to ensure those barriers are overcome.

Your donation makes a difference!

If we can’t solve Veteran homelessness, we will never be able to solve the greater societal problem of homelessness.

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