Little Britches Virtual Auction 2021

September 2021
09:00 AM EDT
October 2021
10:03 PM EDT

Little Britches Virtual Auction 2021

WHY WE NEED YOU: To keep riders’ fees affordable, Little Britches relies on grants, donations & fundraising. But due to Covid-19, we’re facing a sharp drop in revenue from these sources. At the same time, demand for financial aid is increasing and our horse care expenses have also increased.
By participating in our online auction you can help ensure that our programs continue to serve the community. We deeply appreciate your help in this difficult time.

About Little Britches Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

Little Britches Therapeutic Riding, Inc. is a 501(c)3 program located in Roxbury Connecticut. Our vision is to is to expand and improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of individuals with disabilities through the movement of the horse.

The mission of Little Britches is to enrich the lives of people with disabilities through therapeutic riding and equine-assisted activities. Little Britches improves physical strength, facilitates sensory integration, and provides recreation for a lifetime.

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