Art with Heart Silent Auction

Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary
April 2023
06:00 PM ADT
May 2023
03:45 PM ADT
GOAL $1,210.00
133.1% REACHED!

About Our Auction

We're raising money for the animals at Lily's Place with the "Art with Heart" Auction.

The Art With Heart Auction features a range of one-of-a-kind artworks, including framed portraits of Lily's Place residents by artist Carol Kent, wall decor canvas prints by photographer Echo Owens, and a range of unique items from the local artisan community.

Be sure to look closely at Carol's artwork; she includes a hidden heart in every piece! Can you spot the heart in Levi or Betty & Dora's portraits?

Our fundraising goal is a lofty one at $1210, but we didn't pull that number out of the blue. $1210 is the amount (before tax) for four portable corral panels (3 x 12' panels plus 1 x 4' panel with a gate).

These panels will be used for the goats when they move into their new building until their forested area can be cleaned up and fenced (watch for volunteer days in May, June, and July if you'd like to be involved). The goats are moving to their own area at the sanctuary to do all the goat activities they want without bothering the sheep (who prefer less rowdy activities). This move will provide a lot of enrichment for the goats and help make a much safer environment for Nancy (a sheep who has mobility aids)

After their forest is safely fenced, the panels will be reused as temporary stalls, dividers, or quarantine areas as needed. This flexibility will allow for better infrastructure for new intakes and reduced stress for our current residents when someone new joins them. The panels are versatile and a much-needed asset to the sanctuary. We hope to offset a large portion of the panels with fundraising initiatives, including this auction.

About Lily's Place Animal Sanctuary

Lily's place is a nonprofit animal sanctuary in Codys, New Brunswick, Canada, providing care to aging, injured, & displaced farm animals. Compassionate care for farmed animals is what we're all about. Since 2019, our mission has been to be a restorative, inspiring space by ensuring safe refuge is available to displaced farmed animals.

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