Silently Help The LIFE Foundation

September 2021
09:00 AM BST
September 2021
08:45 PM BST

About Our Auction

Our auction is designed to continue our fundraising efforts towards helping our lovely children and adults living in challenging conditions in Romania.
We have some amazing donations - Take your time to browse through and please be as generous as you can.

About Life Intervention Friendship&Education foundation

We have a long association with Family Type Homes for Children and Adult Institutions in the Oltenia region. As a charity committed to promoting quality of life for all individuals, we recognise the long term impact of institutionalisation and are committed to do what we can to reduce the impact and promote community living. We fund and support a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) which over the years has included nurses, a physiotherapist and a psychologist.
We aim for all individuals within Government institutions to have a personalised care plan to help carers support them in the best way possible, and for individuals to have access to activities and resources required to meet their needs. Examples of items previously provided to date include wheelchairs, sports equipment, nutritional supplements and creative materials.

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