LBPC Auction for Allison

Laguna Beach Parents Club
September 2023
07:00 AM PDT
September 2023
06:45 PM PDT

About Our Auction

This May, one of our longest standing members, Allison Sladeck, was diagnosed with HER2+ breast cancer. She has completed chemo and will be having surgery in October. Sadly, her husband is currently out of work, and while she is on Covered California insurance, many
items are not covered and deductibles are expensive. She is a health nut who loves to spin and snowboard. She has two sons, one in high school and one in second grade. We are organizing a silent auction to support Allison and her family that will go live online Sunday, September 24, and conclude at the Lawn Bowling event we’re having on Friday, September 29 at 6:30 pm

About Laguna Beach Parents Club

The Laguna Beach Parents Club (LBPC) is a registered non-profit organization that is run by community volunteers. Our mission is to connect families with small children in Laguna Beach through parenting resources and age appropriate events. The LBPC strives to help families grow, find support, and flourish in the community.

Our membership includes all types of families – parents ranging from their twenties to their fifties, families with one child or five, stay-at-home dads, working moms and parents who share life duties in a multitude of ways, all types of parenting styles, religious beliefs, political leanings and personal aspirations. Most have at least one child under the age of five, but our resources and programs appeal to families with older children. All families are welcome!

What we all have in common, however, is an awareness that parenting is tough (though incredibly rewarding) and that it is more fun (and easier) when done within a supportive community like the LBPC.

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