"La Tortuga Viva" Online Auction

January 2020
12:00 PM PST
February 2020
11:45 PM PST
GOAL $5,000.00
90.0% To Goal

"La Tortuga Viva" Online Auction

La Tortuga Viva is raising funds for much needed equipment, including a new 4x4 ATV vehicle to protect and patrol the sea turtle sanctuary. The Online Auction will also help cover additional expenses such as gas, rain ponchos, paint, fencing and food stipends for our staff of dedicated local volunteers. Your support will help conserve this critical habitat and species for generations to come.

Many Thanks to all who generously provided items here and Thank You for Bidding!

About La Tortuga Viva

Since 2010, "La Tortuga Viva" has empowered conservationists and community members in Juluchuca, Mexico, to save more than 500,000 endangered sea turtles.

La Tortuga Viva directly impacts 14 local families through family members’ participation as volunteers at the turtle sanctuary. A project of The Ocean Foundation, La Tortuga Viva is invested in capacity-building of the volunteers and performs community outreach and supports local education.

La Tortuga Viva is currently raising funds for much needed equipment including a new 4x4 ATV vehicle, gas, rain ponchos, paint, fencing, and food stipends for the volunteers. The volunteers come to the sanctuary in the late afternoon when eggs have been laid, and work all night. They patrol the beaches and look for turtles or turtle tracks, collecting nests buried in the sand, and bringing them to the sanctuary just as the mother turtle left them. The eggs are kept safe within a protected incubation pen that keeps them out of the reach of predators and poachers.

We hope you will join us today in protecting this critically important habitat and species!

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