KKFI Online Band Auction

November 2021
06:00 AM CST
November 2021
05:03 PM CST
GOAL $15,000.00
70.4% To Goal

KKFI Online Band Auction

Win a performance or lessons from some of the KC regions best artists!
Place your winning bid and then you will work with the artists to schedule a concert with you and your friends! Concert must be within 1 hour of KC, sometime in 2022.

Thanks to these generous Artists for supporting KKFI! Billy Ebeling, Chris Hudson and The Bard Owls, Cucharada, Danielle Ate the Sandwich - Lessons, Dimension Bill Edwards, Elexa Dawson, Emmaline Twist, Ernest James Zydeco Trio, Exit 13 Band, Fred Wickham Caravan, Gerald Trimble &, Jambaroque, Gullywasher, Howard Mahan, Jason Vivone & the Billy Bats, KC Bones, Last Chance in Kansas, Mark Montgomery, Mick Byrd, Quite Frankly the Band, Sally and The Hurts, Scotch Hollow, Starhaven Rounders, The Jonny Green Arrangement, The Kansas City Bear Fighters, The Life I Love, The Repeat Offenders, Fritz Hutchinson band, Damien Gunn Band, Dan Jones and The Squids, Popskulll rebels, Tae Company & The Stray Grays

Sign yourself or your band up at www.kkfi.org/bandauction

If you have additional questions you can call 816.994.7869 or email development@kkfi.org

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