Kindness Online Art Auction

Kindness Online Art Auction
November 2020
08:00 AM PST
November 2020
08:00 PM PST

About Our Auction

Calling all art lovers! The holidays are almost upon us, and thanks to our generous donors, we’ve been given the gift of art, and for a meaningful cause.

In addition to a Go Fund Me campaign, Kindness Online Art Auction is one family’s fundraiser to support their sister Kathy through her Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer diagnosis. This stage of cancer is actually considered a category of palliative care, and is not curable. Since her diagnosis, Kathy has been met with many twists, turns, questions, and painful “what ifs”.

On June 23rd, 2020, Kathy began a nine month chemotherapy protocol. The hope was that this would shrink the tumour and allow for surgical removal after four months. The diagnosis is particularly unusual, as Kathy had her ovaries removed in 2011, as a preventative measure given her Mom died of ovarian cancer in 1990. As her oncologist said to her, “This is just really bad luck”. And unfortunately, ‘this cancer has teeth’.

On a daily/weekly basis more questions emerge while waiting for results has become the norm.

Blood work....what will the results be?
Appointment with the liver surgeon....another surprise?
PET scan....will it detect additional hot spots?
Surgery....will it happen?
Chemo treatments....are they still effective?
The list goes on.

As many of you know, one year ago, Kathy also faced the sudden and tragic loss of her only son, Harley. In the past year, she has undertaken a journey of grief therapy and healing, while continuing to practice her coaching services, and contributing to her Grandson JJ’s emotional and educational support and care.

How does one process an advanced and palliative cancer diagnosis, while still grieving the recent loss of a son? True to her nature, Kathy intends to give it her “all”, recognizing that she will not likely be able to practice coaching full time while receiving treatments and having surgery. She hopes to heal and regenerate, and spend precious time with loved ones.

Our hope is that Kindness Online Art Auction can help her to do just that. To alleviate the financial strain of treatments, supplements, and living expenses, and to encourage Kathy’s healing, we’re coming together in kindness, creativity, and of course, through art.

Want to make a difference? From November 12 - 26, you can bid on any number of these beautiful photographs, paintings, drawings, or handmade creations. All of the proceeds go directly to our friend and sister, Kathy Dornan.

We hope you enjoy what you discover!

Just a reminder - those interested in placing a bid or donating will need to set up an account with 32auctions.

About Kindness Online Art Auction

For more information on Kathy’s journey with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer, please visit her GoFundMe campaign:

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