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Madame Ovary Gala Silent Auction

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April 2019
05:00 PM EDT
May 2019
05:00 PM EDT

Madame Ovary Gala Silent Auction

Jody Oberfelder Projects is hosting a Silent Auction to celebrate and maintain the longevity of their work.
The Auction will culminate at the Madame Ovary Opening Night Gala on May 15!
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Your generous bids will go directly to paying artists, renting rehearsal space, and covering production costs for Madame Ovary and future performances.

About Jody Oberfelder Projects

Jody Oberfelder creates art that connects to and illuminates everyday life. Whether on a proscenium stage, in a film, or installation, her work transforms an audience's experience from passive voyeurism into intimate engagement. Her body of work serves up tangible, visceral experiences of presence that allow the opportunity for audiences to insert themselves into the art.

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Live Event Information

Online bidding ended May 14, 5pm. Live bidding will start after the show Wednesday, May 15 at the Madame Ovary Opening Night Gala. Bidding will end at 9:20pm!