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JNF Annual Golf Classic On-line Auction

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May 2018
12:00 PM EDT
May 2018
10:00 PM EDT
GOAL $15,000.00
79.6% To Goal

JNF Annual Golf Classic On-line Auction

The JNF on-line auction is an annual event coinciding with the Annual JNF Golf Classic, which raises funds for various projects in Israel.

This year, we will be raising funds to build a therapeutic horseback riding centre at the Kfar Zoharim Agricultural-Educational Youth Village, a 30 Acre facility located 45 minutes from Jerusalem. This Village is home to over 100 students and provides a safe and stable environment for at-risk, orthodox boys who are often estranged from their families, often drug addicted and living on the streets. It serves as a home, school and workplace for these teens who so far have been unable to succeed elsewhere.

The objective of this revolutionary program is to empower students and inspire them to build the self-confidence necessary to lead happy and productive lives. Therapeutic riding is recognized as a treatment modality that allows for the healing of emotional scars and the development of new skills for positive and productive social interaction, improved academic performance and cognitive functioning.

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