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April 06, 2015
08:00 AM CDT
April 18, 2015
08:03 PM CDT

Amy Jessup is naturally combatting a cancerous thyroid tumor and their youngest child has cranial stenosis which they are also seeking alternative treatment for. Their out of pocket expenses are about $900 a month and there is a considerable amount owed in back medical bills. They are seeing amazing results from the alternative treatments. Amy's most recent bloodwork is very encouraging and her tumor is beginning to soften. Adah's cranial stenosis is being successfully treated with cranial sacral therapy and she only needs maintenance visits now. We appreciate your support of this wonderful family, thank you!

Off the Fence Farms


Off the Fence Farms is a first generation family run farm in Evansville, IN. We are passionate about providing our local community with good affordable food produced in a way that preserves and protects our glorious earth for future generations. We are learning more every year about how best to do this and enjoy sharing what we've learned with others.