Jenkem's Art Auction for Justice

July 2020
01:00 PM EDT
July 2020
10:17 PM EDT

About Our Auction

This art auction began with the intent of doing something positive that would benefit the Black Lives Matter movement. In the wake of the pandemic, the Black Lives matter Movement was highlighted and embraced on a global scale like never before. Leaving us as allies, to face the question of how we can uplift our black and brown communities who suffer great injustice.

Skateboarding is something that we all hold dear to our hearts. We know that this community is the one of acceptance and it was necessary for us to provide a source of support.

What started as a shower thought, grew into what you see in front of you: an entire community of skartists excited to gather and donate art for the great injustice that happened to Breonna Taylor.

Please read and continue to educate yourselves on the murder of Breonna Taylor, this is the first step in hoping to gain a form of justice for her family.

100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to her family. We urge you to keep pounding the pavement even from inside your homes.

Donate, protest, petition, call the precinct, and demand fucking justice. We all stand together.

Big thank you to all the artists that have participated. This would have never been possible without you, and your legacy in skateboarding.


With Love,

Alex Raspa

NOTE: All items will be carefully packaged and shipped using funds from the total sales, with 100% of the remaining proceeds sent to Breonna Taylor's family's GoFundMe.

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