Worship Art 2009-2013

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Portraits
January 2015
01:00 AM EST
March 2015
11:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Welcome to Worship Art by Thru His vessel JB

Part 1:
Worship Paintings 2009-2011; January 2015

This section is what started it all! Thru His vessel JB has created roughly 20 pieces during this period but selected 12 of the 20 for purchase. In this part of the auction, are the remaining 8 works of art available for purchase. Each work has its own day, the first day only starting with a minimum bid of $24 and the last day is a minimum bid of $192. Every piece listed here can also be followed through thruhisvesseljb.com, in which the visual artist describes in detail the thought process of bringing the piece to being.

Part 2 :
Men in Authority 2012-2013; February 2015

Thru His vessel JB received another vision from God in July 2012, regarding how to execute the following works of art; Men in Authority: Higher than him. All works here are executed in a tripartite style; the same theme is completed in 3 different ways utilizing different mediums. Acrylics, woodburning and stitching. In totality, the visual artist completed 33 works of this series, but only 25 pieces are shown. All 25 pieces will be discussed in detail based on day at thruhisvesseljb.com. The order of the works shown are made possible through a voting process from admirers, courtesy of Survey Monkey. Like the first part of the auction, every work listed has a one day bidding process,minimum bid $24 for the first day and minimum bid will increase based on voting results.

Part 3:
For A Single Purpose June-December 2013: March 2015

Like the Men in Authority series, this is executed in a similar fashion, 33 works of art were created utilizing 3 different mediums; oil pastels, watercolour and collage. Many large works( 28" by 44" inches) are displayed in this section, so delivery charges would be more than the minimum noted (Please email thruhisvesseljb@gmail.com upon final bid.). Twenty-five pieces are shown here for purchase. All 25 pieces will be discussed in detail via thruhisvesseljb.com . There is a minimum bid of $24 for the first day only and will increase thereafter based on voting results.

For all three sections, the highest bidder will receive a commissioned portrait courtesy of Thru His vessel JB. This portrait will be placed in Thru His vessel JB's 2016 art show. Thank you for all your support and making this auction a success!

For the love of my God and Art!

Thru His vessel JB

About Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Portraits

Thru His vessel JB established Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Portraits in 2014 for drawing and painting portraitures. Thru His vessel JB also has a blog at thruhisvesseljb.com that speaks in detail of her process in artmaking for the glory of God since 2012.

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