Activate Jackson - Adirondack Chairs

August 2016
08:00 AM EDT
September 2016
11:45 PM EDT

About Our Auction

The Activate Jackson: Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper Placemaking project has enlisted artists to paint Adirondack chairs. These chairs will be used at the Grand River Farmer's Market throughout the summer and auctioned to the highest bidder. Any profit on the chairs will be given directly to the artist.

Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper Placemaking (LQC) is a program designed to promote testing new ideas in an inexpensive way. These projects will be used to gauge if there is a need for more permanent solutions. The goal of the program is to create great community Places by focusing on projects that fall into three categories:
• Access and Linkages - addressing how a space interacts with the surrounding area both visually and physically
• Comfort and Image - improve the perceptions about safety, cleanliness, and the availability of places to sit
• Uses and Activities - have things to do and give people a reason to visit the space
The projects in this plan are designed to address all of these issues and create a unique space in Downtown Jackson for the Summer of 2016.

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The Jackson Area Association of REALTORS® (JAAR) will continue to be seen by the public as the advocate of private property ownership in our community, promoting professionalism, ethics, education, diversity and cooperation among our members as well as the “Voice for Real Estate” to consumers.

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