Irricana 2020 Virtual 4-H Lamb Sale

Irricana Beef and Multi Club
May 2020
08:00 AM MDT
May 2020
06:00 PM MDT

About Our Auction

Market Lamb:
-Minimum increase increments are $0.50/lb per bid.
-Sale of all lambs are based on live weight
-Highest Bidder on each lamb will be contacted via email

Pen of 3:
-Minimum increase increments are $0.50/lb per bid
-Sale of all lambs are based on live weight
-Pens of 3 may be sold individually
-Once a bid is placed, the buyer will be contacted by to verify how many lambs they are bidding on.
-Should the bidder not want the full Pen of 3, the next highest bidder will have the option for the remainder of the lambs
-Once a bid has been placed on any Pen of 3, the bidder will be contacted via email to verify.

Highest Bidder Payment:
For your convenience we do have 2 options to choose from:
Please write checks to members name and mail to:
Irricana Beef & Mulit Club
Re: Members Name
Box 191
Irricana Alberta
T0M 1B0
2. Email transfer to our club at in the message section please write which member's lamb you purchased.

Pickup/Shipping Instructions:
We would like to thank all the buyers for supporting the Irricana Beef and Multi club by attending this online sale and the purchase of the lambs.

We offer three great options for you buyers:

1. Roll-over lambs: If you purchase a lamb and choose to have it resold or “rolled over” Ryan Albers will pay you current date market price. Ryan Albers will mail you a cheque for the lamb.
2. Custom Lamb: If you choose to enjoy the lamb you purchased at the sale, the following plants will do customs processing. There will be an additional cut and wrap fee on the lambs, but we will deliver them to the plant of your choice as listed below.
a. Booked for June 1, 2020:
Red Deer Lake Meat Processors 403-256-4925
b. The second abattoir we recommend is Pure Country Meats in Strathmore. 403-901-6328: Buyer will need to make arrangements.

3. Home Lamb: lambs that will be going from the sale to a new home, will be taken back to the “home” pen after the sale and released to the buyer once paid for. Proof of payment will be required before lamb is released.

Thank you for coming to the auction and supporting our 4-Her’s.

About Irricana Beef and Multi Club

4-H has been an integral part of Alberta communities since 1917, with deep-rooted history and tradition that stems back to the efforts of individuals that formed the very first club for boys and girls in our province.

Irricana 4-H has been in the Kathyrn, Keoma, Irricana area for the last 68 years!

2020 will go down in history as one of the most challenging years to date. With 4-H Achievement Days, 4-H on Parade and many more in person events being cancelled to due to COVID-19.

Members have adjusted well to a the challenges facing them to finish off their 4-H year. From zooming meetings to putting together a “Virtual” Achievement Day…..followed by an on line sale.

Please consider your continued support by bidding on any of our members lamb projects that they have worked so hard this year with feeding,haltering, and grooming, in every effort of normalcy to their lives right now.

Members build life long skills with a hands-on approach. Helping them to grow confidence, independence, resilience, and compassion.

Experiences where they learn by doing, grow from failure, express their ideas and use their influence to drive positive outcomes.

Raising their lambs is a small portion of what these members learn from weaned to finished. Daily chores include feeding, grooming, and haltering them. And don't forget daily record keeping.

Please visit our Facebook page for more information at

Any questions please let us know at

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