Let's get a new liver for Patience

December 2019
08:00 PM CST
December 2019
01:00 AM CST

About Our Auction

As many of you know my sister Patience was diagnosed with liver disease which within a month turned into liver failure. (I had info in here that claimed how much time the doctors gave her to survive, but I have decided to remove this statistic because I believe putting a number or percentage to survive on someone's life is not motivational, or respectful.) Patience's family was able to help her apply for benefits that are in the process of being approved. She will be transported to Houston to undergo treatment and wait for a liver. In the meantime the bills are astronomical and the auctioning of items will go towards paying these as well as legal fees with trying to get her on a donor list.

About Benefit for Patience Robinson-Campos

All winning bidders will be responsible for the cost of shipping and handling to their location which will be set after the end of the auctions as location and item will vary. Austin area pick-ups will be arranged with due haste with some items available at the auction itself.

If you have any questions, you can email the host directly at chriscoxcritic@gmail.com

Thanks to so many people who have helped put this together and have donated items for the auction!

The Alamo Drafthouse
Aleksander Pala
Barbara Crampton
B.D. Riley's
David Beau Paul
Ben Glasthal
Brittany Hamilton
C. Robert Cargill
Catherine O'Malley
The Cavalier Bar
Cherish Heath
Chris DeVore
Chris Purkeypile
Chris Peckover
Christian Calloway
Daniel Brereton
Ed Travis
Eileen Dietz
El Dorado
Frank Calvillo
Harris O'Malley
James Jacob Garcia
Janet Varney
Jason Murphy
Jen Wireman
John Layman
Kellie lone Wright Curtin
Ken Voorhees
The Knomad Bar
Little Pricks Tattoo
The Lost Well
Luke Mullen
Maciek Kur
Magdalena Kania
Mark Waid
Martin Thomas
Matt Frank
Melissa Plunkett
Method Hair
Michael Moorcock
Miguel Jimenez
Mike Carlin
Mindy Hunsaker
Mindy Rast-Keenan
Morgan Frank
Nick Thyes
Phil Reyn
Piotr Bednarczyk
Richard Whittaker
Rick Klaw
Shannon Wheeler
Sławek Kiełbus
Sophie Bayardo
Tessa Morrison
Tim League

And huge thanks to all the folks who have donated to Patience's GoFundMe page!

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Live Event Information

This event will take place at the Knomad bar at 1213 Corona Dr. Austin, TX. 78723 at 8pm-1am December 2nd. Bidding can be done online or at the location during these times as well.