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How to get a Panama Electronic Affidavit

Anyone that intends to go to Panama should definitely give the Panama Electronic Affidavit a read, even if only for a short visit. The Panama Electronic Affidavit is required by law in order to prove that one is a resident of Panama. In addition, anyone looking to rent a Panama apartment or a Panama villa should certainly give the Panama Electronic Affidavit a close look as well. Not only must you provide proof of your identity, but also proof that you are a resident of the country. Panama does not recognize American residency for tax purposes, as most countries do, so one will have to provide some sort of proof that they are a resident of the country.

There are a number of ways to get the Panama electronic affidavit on one's passport. For assistance, one could contact their passport office. Panama is part of the International Organization for Security matters (OAS). Any documentation, including passports and id cards, will be accepted at any American consular offices around the world. The Department of State doesn't issue American passports.

A person can also request a copy their Panama electronic affidavit from the Panama Canal Authority. However, there are several stipulations that come with this service. Notably, if paperwork is not completed properly, a PCA employee may enter Panama electronically. Only the file name and a blank email address will be provided.

A person hoping to get their passport verified before they leave can use the sworn statement method. This method requires a person to swear in front of a clerk in a government office that they have been domiciled in Panama for six months or more. The sworn statement must be recorded and sent by mail to the PCA. Any discrepancies can be presented to the relevant authorities.

A Panama electronic affidavit is not enough to allow a person entry to the country. The only major requirement is that the person must present an original signed certificate from their employer that states that they have been employed in Panama. After obtaining a passport, a person will need to show proof of identity and residency through either a US bank account (or an original Panama tax ID).

In some cases, a person may have to get special permission before they can use electronic methods of entry. If a person is on holiday, they will not be in touch for 30 days with the Panamanian law enforcement officials. The law requires that a sworn statement is submitted to the immigration authorities in order to verify identity. The Panama Papers company will provide a translator if the document is to be translated into another language. This is because the documents are protected by the International Covenant on Translations.

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