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Guatemala Health Passes (HIP).

The Guatemala Health Passes allow travelers to enjoy the benefits and services of the country's excellent medical aid system for a whole year. The pass will facilitate safe and speedy travel to the country as well as to nearby countries. The unique feature of the pass is that it provides free entrance into the three Central American Countries along with Mexico. This protects travelers from being infected while they travel. It also allows travelers to apply at the time of purchase for health insurance.

Travellers to Guatemala will find that the country is a beautiful place to visit. It has a friendly and warm atmosphere that makes you feel at home. Guatemala offers many activities and tours. Tourists have many options, from exploring the country to experiencing the nightlife in cities like Antigua or San Miguel de Allende.

One of the most popular activities that tourists need to participate in while in Guatemala is visiting the ancient Mayan ruins. You can choose to explore the Mayan sites chronologically or in the order they were discovered. You will need to bring your vaccination certificate if you are planning to travel to Guatemala. Guatemala has many medical facilities that can provide emergency medical attention to travelers. These medical facilities offer quality services at very affordable rates.

It is important to get vaccinated against contagious disease before you travel to Guatemala. Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B are two diseases you should avoid. Guatemala has its own tourism board which enforces the requirement to have a PCR test before traveling to the country. There are no exceptions to the rule. Travellers who do not have PCR positive results when arriving in Guatemala will have to pay a hefty fine.

PCR testing is carried out using two methods. The first requires a blood sample from a healthy donor. The HIV test is conducted using a DNA probe to generate a false negative result. All vaccinated travelers must obtain a copy of their HIV test from their local clinic within 48 hours of collection.

Guatemala Health Passes benefits travellers with unlimited access to health care and medical services for the first ten days and then the validity of the pass expires. The duration of validity is valid for 14 days after the travellers initial entry into the country. Travellers outside of Guatemala are not entitled to have this pass. A PVR must be obtained from the Ministry of Health by anyone who is traveling to Guatemala to provide care for an injured or ill person. A PVR is an electronic card that is electronically printed with information on the identity, contact details and other relevant information of the person being cared for.

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