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US Virgin Islands Travel Screening Tips

If you are prepared to start your visit to the US Virgin Islands, get started by applying to your US Virgin Islands Travel Screening today. For this special journey document, you will need to give personal information regarding your medical condition and intended visit to the US Virgin Islands. Passengers planning a trip to the US Virgin Islands should follow all of the security procedures set up. In the US, visitors are also subject to customs inspections at the airport and also at ports of entry.


When you've got your US Virgin Islands Travel Screening, then it is crucial to adhere to the security procedures outlined. Visitors can avoid delays by averting carrying illegal articles in carry-on luggage. If you're flying into the island, safety checkpoints can be found in the airport, on ferries and other sea vessels and at land borders. You should arrive in the island carrying the proper documentation, including passport, if you are flying to the island.

It's also advisable to avoid visiting parts of the island that are off-limits for tourists. There are safety measures in place at most beaches, especially at night. When on land, adhere to all the security measures? For instance, you should not wear revealing clothing and you should also keep your children from regions where there are safety patrols.

Before leaving for the US Virgin Islands, it's also very important to register with the local tourism service. Tourism staff at the USVI will supply you with all of the relevant information regarding USVI travel. They are also able to provide information on local activities, restaurants and entertainment. When picking a car to lease in the USVI, select one which is reasonably priced. Renting a car is also much cheaper when done prior to arrival from the island.

When arriving at the airport in St. Thomas you ought to check in with the closest hotel to your planned lodging. It's also a good idea to enquire about a physician whom you can see in the event you have medical issues while in St. Thomas. When checking in at a resort in St. Thomas, you need to obtain a plastic visa card that's required to enter the nation.

When you finally arrive in the USVI, do not overpay for any product or service. Don't try and buy any merchandise or service that is not readily available in the region. Also, ask the regional merchants for tips on local restaurants, bars and other establishments that serve alcohol.

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