Hearts and Hooves Online Auction

Heartwood Haven
June 2023
06:00 AM PDT
June 2023
08:00 PM PDT
GOAL $30,000.00
90.9% To Goal

About Our Auction

The Hearts and Hooves Auction is an annual event where you can bid on art, collectibles, and gifts from PNW local and international artisans. This year's event is particularly special.

This year, Heartwood Haven embarked upon an incredible journey to save 71 pigs from a cruelty case in Bend, OR. That number grew as we welcomed babies from Mama Cece and others.

The Oregon 71 were malnourished and left to breed uncontrollably. This year's auction will allow us to provide the much-needed medical care the pigs need and purchase medical equipment for the sanctuary to handle hoof and tusk trims.

The Oregon 71 are counting on us to make this year's auction the best yet!

Life On Their Terms

About Heartwood Haven

Heartwood Haven Animal Sanctuary is located in Roy, WA. We are accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) and uphold a high standard of care, management and governance. Every year we rescue hundreds of farm animals from cruelty and neglect. Many of those animals find forever homes through our adoption program. Those who are not adoptable live their lives at Heartwood Haven as ambassadors for their species. Our ambassadors teach visitors about the plight of farm animals and the importance of compassionate living. We are home to pigs of all sizes, turkeys, mallards, muscovy ducks, chickens, dogs and cats. Heartwood Haven believes in making a compassionate choice in how we treat all animals.

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