Heart Words for Heart House

November 2020
At Midnight CST
November 2020
08:00 PM CST

About Our Auction

During the 2019-2020 school year, the K to 2nd grade students of Heart House collaborated with the 4th grade class of Wesley Prep to write and illustrate an alphabet book entitled HEART WORDS. The book is a beautiful and inspiring volume with words of wisdom for readers of all ages. Each auction piece is original artwork created for the illustrations in the book. The pieces were created collaboratively over a period of weeks with students from Heart House and Wesley Prep both contributing. These bright, vivid pieces are reflective of the joy that emanated from the Heart House classroom each Friday afternoon when the kids got together. Every piece of art and every word in the book serve as reminders of how much better we are when we come together.

About The Common Ground Experiment with Heart House

The Common Ground Experiment team is ever growing and evolving. However, there is one constant each year...the Wesley Prep 4th graders. I'm their teacher, Lori Cousino, and each year my students and I curate a creative project with another group in the community, in an effort to get to know them better.

This year we had the pleasure of partnering with Heart House for our 4th annual Common Ground Experiment. Heart House is an amazing organization providing after school and summer programs designed to meet the needs of refugee children, bringing them ‘from chaos to calm’ through social-emotional learning experiences. Did you know Dallas has welcomed more refugees than any other city in the United States? The Vickery Meadows neighborhood near Park and Greenville Roads houses families from all over the world, and this is where Heart House is located. Students served by Heart House speak over 18 different languages! They face many challenges and adjustments as they acclimate to life in Dallas. We were honored to walk alongside some of these students this year, and we learned so much from them every time we were together.

We worked with kindergarten, first, and second grade children on Fridays after school to write and illustrate an alphabet book filled with inspiring words in several different languages. It turned out beautifully, and these are the original art pieces we created together for the illustrations. Each week these words and ideas become more a part of us as we discussed them, defined them, wrote about them and illustrated them. Our hope is that our collection of words will guide and empower you, too!

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