Handmade Ornament Dolls

Three Roots International
July 2022
09:00 AM EDT
July 2022
12:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

We are thrilled to offer a limited-edition collection of beautiful, handmade dolls that were created by women in the communities where we work.

This partnership was designed to give women the opportunity to creatively express their stories and their culture in a product that could generate income for their families.

This auction features four styles of 4.5 inch ornament dolls from the first edition collection:

Ethiopian Mamas need free hands for their many tasks: A quick bend at the waist, a toss of a scarf to anchor baby to back, a crossover knot and it’s piggyback time! Some mothers add a sash at the waist for added back support and perhaps a statement of style for some.

Traditional basket weaving is a common craft in Ethiopia and serves many functions in the home as the baskets take multiple forms. The trainees requested a special weaving needle that is used for making baskets, but when this could not be readily found, they quickly adapted their technique to proceed without the device. The women either knew the skill or quickly learned it from their neighbor, yet each miniature basket was made with a unique design and purpose.

Whether in a fancy restaurant in the capitol or the courtyard of a mud house; the coffee (Jebena Buna) ceremony is the epitome of hospitality in Ethiopia. Fresh grasses are scattered on the ground as the beans are roasted over an open fire, ground with a pestle & mortar, then brewed slowly and strongly. Tiny cups of  coffee are often served with popcorn and are savored, never rushed or taken “to go.” The jebena (coffee pots) held by the dolls were hand crafted by the doll maker from clay; the cup is also from nature: an acorn shell. Trainees were naturally resourceful in finding things in everyday life that could be repurposed for creative uses.

Traditional Ethiopian bread includes Injera: a sourdough flatbread made from tef, and Ambasha: a sweet and savory celebratory bread. Both breads are cooked on a clay plate over a wood fire. Some women in the community bake bread to sell to laborers for lunch. Injera is both consumed and used as a utensil to collect bites of stewed meats and vegetables.

All proceeds from this auction will go directly to the work of Three Roots International. Thank you for supporting our work to bring freedom to families in extreme poverty. We are so grateful to you!

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Three Roots International cultivates community development and capacity by empowering families through education, health, and income-generating activities. By partnering with vulnerable communities in Ethiopia, we strive to equip vulnerable people to live stable and sustainable lives.

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