GSE Silent Auction

GSE 2016
April 2016
08:00 PM EDT
April 2016
08:00 PM EDT
GOAL $2,000.00
42.6% To Goal

About Our Auction

AUCTION HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO APRIL 25!!!!! We want to earn at least 50% of our goal so we have decided to extend the auction.

The funds are used to to pay for program fees, airfare and related expenses in India. Surplus funds finance need-based scholarships for other College of Wooster students and also fund Wooster’s local Social Entrepreneurship program. Local Social Entrepreneurship has worked with organizations like United Way, Goodwill, and Wayne County Children’s First Program. It is important to note that all sales will accepted either in cash or check form.

About GSE 2016

Global Social Entrepreneurship (GSE) is a unique opportunity to learn from changemakers. The two-part course consists of a seminar led by students at the College of Wooster, and an experiential learning component in Bangalore, India hosted by Sattva Media and Dream a Dream. These two experiences bring together diverse students, community members and partner organizations to learn from each other, as they understand and try to learn about a business problem in the poverty alleviation sector in India. Students are also encouraged to make connections between global social problems and challenges faced in their local communities. Making an investment in GSE will benefit the students, and it also contributes to the greater cause of social change in Bangalore, India and Wooster, Ohio. This life altering experience allows the students to think and live differently while engaging in a trans-national effort to address long-lived, systematic social problems in the education and livelihoods sectors.

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