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Gingerbread Enchantment 2018

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December 2018
04:30 PM MST
December 2018
08:30 PM MST
GOAL $5,000.00
102.6% REACHED!

Gingerbread Enchantment 2018

Gingerbread Enchantment is a unique and fun way to get you in the holiday spirit and help out a great cause at the same time. All proceeds benefit Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque’s Low Income Food and Enrichment (LIFE) Program… the ONLY one of its kind in the Albuquerque area.

About Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque

Anyone of any age, for any reason. We keep people happy, healthy, and in their homes! Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque was founded in 1972 by a group of women around Albuquerque. We began with 20 clients and 40 volunteers. Today we serve approximately 600 clients and have over 400 volunteers. We delivered 9,400 meals in 1972. Today we are delivering over 140,000 meals a year. Meals on Wheels of Albuquerque provides nutritious meals and crucial social contact each day. Not only do we provide friendship and compassion but we also check the well being of those we serve.

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