Outer Space Super Auction

April 2018
11:00 PM PDT
May 2018
At Midnight PDT
GOAL $10,000.00
57.9% To Goal

About Our Auction

In the past few years, the Gates and Bridges parent community has helped to fund the addition of a new play structure, a bridge/stage for the children to use for performances, and a kitchen remodel along with removing the wood chips from the upper yard and replacing them with sand to protect little feet at play.

This year, we’re expanding our focus and hoping to complete both some fun and necessary projects. We’ll be replacing the classroom floors, installing new bathroom cabinets and working on making improvements to our access points or working on making improvements to our school.

About Gates & Bridges Preschool (I.D.C.)

Gates & Bridges Preschool (Infant Development Center of San Francisco) is a nonprofit organization that has provided quality childcare and early learning programs to the working families of San Francisco for the last 40 years.

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