From Kennel to Couch

October 2021
10:00 AM CDT
October 2021
06:00 PM CDT
GOAL $5,000.00
112.9% REACHED!

From Kennel to Couch

Proceeds from this auction will supplement our medical expense fund. When a greyhound enters our program, we cover all the necessary expenses, to make that dog ready for adoption. In addition to the usual spay/ neuter, vaccinations, dental cleaning, microchip, parasite testing, there are times when we have extraordinary care costs.
That may be a senior hound in need of dental extractions, a dog needing additional behavioral training, a foster who sustains an injury needing medical attention like our boy Gatti here, or even those tenacious hookworms. Our vet bills are, by far, the largest piece of our operating budget.
Help us bring more greyhounds from the kennel to the couch.

About Greyhound Adoption League - Central Texas

Our mission is to find responsible loving homes for greyhounds, to acquaint the public with the desirability of greyhounds as pets and to inform them of the availability of greyhounds for adoption.

We place all dogs into volunteer foster homes upon coming into our group. We do not operate a kennel. This helps us get to know the dog and their personality before they go to their forever home. We pride ourselves in helping you pick the perfect dog for your family. While the dogs are in their foster home, they are taken to the veterinarian to get spayed or neutered, have all their vaccinations, their teeth are cleaned, and they are tested for heartworms and intestinal parasites. During this time, they are also evaluated for injuries, behavioral or health problems. They begin learning to be a pet!

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