FortWhyte Alive's Harvest Auction

September 2021
01:00 PM CDT
September 2021
09:00 PM CDT
GOAL $5,000.00
147.9% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Mark autumn on the prairies with exciting prizes and friends from afar. We welcome you to join us for our 2nd annual fall Harvest Auction.

Proceeds from the auction support sustainable agriculture, social enterprise, and hands-on employment training for youth.

About FortWhyte Alive

FortWhyte Alive is dedicated to providing programming, natural settings, and facilities for environmental education, outdoor recreation, and social enterprise. In so doing, FortWhyte promotes awareness and understanding of the natural world and actions leading to sustainable living.

Through our 660-acre reclaimed urban green space, FortWhyte Alive brings people together to share unforgettable experiences and build sustainable relationships with nature and each other.

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