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FLODGE Rockstar Trivia Night 2019

July 2019
05:00 PM AEST
August 2019
05:00 PM AEST
GOAL $20,000.00
88.3% To Goal

FLODGE Rockstar Trivia Night 2019

Teaching and learning is changing in the 21st century and having comfortable classroom furniture, designed for collaborative and student-centered learning, is critical to students’ success. Flexible furniture allows students to quickly pair up, work in small groups, or discuss as a whole class without moving mountains of heavy desks and hard chairs, but it comes at a cost.

How your donation helps?
Flodge are hosting their biennial Trivia Night on Saturday 27th July. This is our major fundraising event of 2019 for Forest Lodge Public School and we aim to raise $20,000 in order to provide flexible furniture in all classrooms.

This event is attended by 160 parents and friends and is a wonderful night of community connection. As part of the event we hold an online and live auction, for which we need numerous items to sell. Your donation will help local children be more engaged in their learning by allowing us to provide flexible furniture to all the classrooms in Forest Lodge Public School.

The online auction is being run as part of the Trivia Night being held on July 27th 2019. The online auction kick off with the trivia night and will end the following. Saturday August 3, so you can still bid even if you are not attending the Trivia Night. If you really want an item, you can BUY IT NOW at its full retail value. All these items have been donated so all money goes to the school.

Some items are live event auction items. You can only bid on these at the live auction which will be held during the Trivia Night.

Don't want to buy anything but would like to donate? The teachers have asked for flexible furniture. You can purchase these items on this website they have "DONATE NOW" in their description. Alternately, you can just hit the green donate button in the top right corner and pledge an amount.



Forest Lodge School was established in 1883. The school is a vital part of the local community, with over 340 students enrolled.

We aim to enhance the school lives of our children by supporting the school, our community and families.

This year's online auction proceeds will go towards raising funds for Forest Lodge Public School.

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Live Event Information

Thank you for attending our Rock Star Trivia Night. To help us achieve our goal of providing flexible furniture for ALL classrooms, please do one (or all!) of the following.

1. Go online to our silent auction at 32auctions.com/flodge2019 and bid on one of our fabulous prizes, or use the "buy it now" option to grab a bargain. Register using your credit card and payment is deducted automatically if you win. The auction is open until 5pm on Saturday 3rd August 2019 with a great selection of items to bid on.

2. Raise your hand at our live auction this evening and bid on one of our fabulous feature prizes (see below). The successful bidder will be asked to pay for the item they have won this evening via eftpos.

3. Use your phone and the QR code on your table to donate a piece of flexible furniture directly. Please see the tent card for instructions.

4. Purchase a key to our locked wine cage. If you have the winning key the content of the cage is yours! Keys can be purchased from bartender for $10 a key.

5. Use your gold coins to join the extra fun games and earn bonus points too.