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The Feast • Art Auction to Support Mental Health

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October 2018
05:00 PM EDT
November 2018
10:00 PM EST
GOAL $1,000.00
18.5% To Goal

The Feast • Art Auction to Support Mental Health

Art plays a major role in The Feast, so we have enlisted the help of a talented group of local artists to create all of the original artwork that will be featured in the production. In support of raising awareness of mental heath issues and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health, we will be auctioning off some of the art pieces that were created for the show and will be giving a portion of the proceeds to Roochute.

Here’s a little more info about this incredible company....

“Roochute started with a simple idea - to have as much fun with as many people as possible . Roochute is currently touring all of the United States this summer to spark happiness and encourage the community to Play Together Now. Roochute creates the conversation about mental health and promotes acts of kindness to the world.”

So, please be awesome and place your bids! You are not only supporting us, but you are also helping to support those who are battling mental illness.

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