Farm to Forge 2022

Forge City Works
September 2022
08:00 AM EDT
September 2022
02:00 PM EDT
GOAL $5,000.00
74.0% To Goal

About Our Auction

Bid on one (or all) of our specially selected items and support our mission to provide job training, food access, and create sustainable social enterprises to help people change their lives.

About Forge City Works

Food is the tool we use to empower.

Forge City Works uses food as our vehicle for community and individual empowerment, but food feeds more than just the body. Food feeds the soul, hope for the future and our social and economic enterprises.

Food is the centerpiece that radiates energy on one side through job-training, and on the other side through our cafes, catering and Farmers’ Market. Our food businesses provide hands-on culinary and customer service training and generate about half of our organizational budget.

We have used the delicious benefits of fresh food to spur investment, support, good health and future employment for the entire Hartford community. We use food to change lives, build connections, and create opportunities. We develop leaders within the community and build bridges to resources and friends outside of it.

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