Family Service Association Auction 2018

October 2018
03:00 PM ADT
December 2018
09:04 PM AST

About Our Auction

The proceeds of this year's auction will be directed to the Hoarders' Program. A number of services are required to deal with this issue that affects the entire family.

FSA understands hoarding to be a growing problem. An increasing number of people of all ages are indicating a hoarding life style at Triage/Intake.

It is our hope to offer the clinical services required with a focus on trauma, grief and loss counselling that is frequently the trigger that sets the hoarding process in motion. We also need to implement “at home” counselling to enable our clients to rid themselves of the items they are intent on hoarding.

Our professional De-Clutterer, has experience in dealing with clutter and hoarding challenges. The objective is to provide counselling to help deal with the mental health issues, as well removing clutter allowing the recapture of living space and creating order and peace within the home.

To date, the overwhelming majority of clients presenting with hoarding issues, identify the ability to start eliminating the clutter as a major hurdle to moving forward. At-home-assistance coupled with therapeutic therapy, will help alleviate the problem for the client

Family Service acknowledges the current fentanyl crisis and its impact on families. Awareness of the signs of overdose, symptoms and general facts about fentanyl is a step in the fight to prevent needless deaths.

About Family Service Assoc., Halifax, Nova Scotia

Family Service Assoc. of HRM is an independent, non- profit, community based agency.

FSA is the only nationally accredited counselling agency in Nova Scotia. Working within the Halifax Regional Municipality and serving a population of approximately 400,000 people, we offer professional, confidential counselling and educational services to enable people to function more effectively at home, in the community and in the work environment.

We provide a wide range of child, individual, couple and family counselling services, addressing such issues as relationships, parenting and family, depression and anxiety, stress, violence and anger, grief and loss, separation and divorce, gambling problems, substance abuse, credit counselling and other issues that may impact an individual or a family.

Family Service HRM has been in operation for thirty-nine years and has made a difference in the lives of thousands of men, women and children. We work to improve the quality of life for all within our community. Our experienced staff of psychologists, social workers and counsellors offer such professional services as counselling, therapy groups, mediation, courses conducted in a workplace and educational services.

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