Estill Shines Charity Auction

November 2021
06:00 PM EST
November 2021
09:00 PM EST

About Our Auction

The goal of Estill Shines Charity Auction for 2021 is to raise funds to be distributed to three great causes:

1. A new program called SHADE, or Supporting Heritage, Arts, and Development in Estill. The three founding partners are Estill Arts Council, Estill County Historical & Genealogical Society, and Estill Development Alliance. The plan for SHADE is to have a regular fund available to support small projects meant to "spruce up" our community and instill pride in our people. Volunteers have the will to work, but many times supplies are needed to get things done. That's where SHADE comes in!

2. The Mack Theatre marquee. Over the years, changes in the width of Main Street and loss of parking spaces has brought "big trucks" going through downtown closer and closer to the Mack marquee. In fact, it has been hit multiple times in the last several years. Meanwhile, a few hundred thousand dollars worth of work is about to be done on the Mack through a CDBG grant. Part of that work is to repair and improve the brick facade. Big steel beams behind that brick are what support the marquee, and we really don't want a big truck to hit it again, pull those beams forward, and ruin all the new brick work. Therefore, we need to "trim back" the marquee for the time being to keep everything safe. Then, we can focus on really sprucing up the marquee down the road a bit.

3. New EDA programming. We have some new ideas for 2022 that will make a splash in Estill County, and we need some new equipment to make them happen. Obviously, equipment takes money, and that is where a third of these funds will go. As far as details, we'll just say that today's world runs on video!

About Estill Development Alliance

Estill County 21st Century, Inc. D/B/A Estill Development Alliance was founded in 1995. Our mission is to improve the lives of the people of Estill County through community and economic development.

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