2021 Element Dance Studio Benefit Show

March 2021
04:00 PM PST
March 2021
09:00 PM PST

About Our Auction

Welcome to the Annual Element Benefit Show & Silent Auction featuring our Hillsboro and St. Helens company team performances!

While the intent of the show is to prepare our amazing dancers for upcoming competitions by performing live In front of audience members and judges, the Silent Auction portion of the Benefit Show is one way for our dancers to raise money for the season’s dance fees.

Dancers have submitted their auction pieces for your bids and 100% of the winning bids go to the dancers’ accounts to help pay for their competition fees and travel expenses. This means you are DIRECTLY impacting and supporting our dancers by bidding in our community auction, so THANK YOU!!

About Element Dance Studio

At Element Dance Studio, we believe dance is about more than just movement. It's about community. Building trust. Leaning on and learning from each other. Fostering the spirit of self-discovery within each of our dancers and instructors.

We offer a home to all dancers. From the beginning recreational dancer to the pre-professional dancer looking to make a career out of dance. We have a place for everyone.

As a local company, we want to help grow our community and support dance in Hillsboro, St. Helens, and beyond.

As a welcoming family, we want our dancers to have fun, build lifelong friendships, feel truly valued, and enjoy the space to discover their passions through movement.

We are Element Dance Studio.

We are More than Movement.

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