Autumn on the Dryfork Auction

October 2020
07:00 AM EDT
October 2020
10:10 AM EDT

About Our Auction

Due to this year's changes of a drive through Autumn on the Dryfork, we wanted to provide you this opportunity to still enjoy some bidding fun. It will be available to you a whole week in advance, starting October 3rd, till the day of Autumn on the Dryfork October 10th. We'll miss the fun at our annual silent auction, but here's an opportunity to bring the fun home and benefit a good cause at the same time.
Payments and item pickups will be at the Dryfork Recreation Center on October 10, starting at 11am

About Dryfork Recreation Center

Our organization was founded to provide a recreational and health facility for the DryFork area of Randolph county which is comprised of the following communities; Harman, Dryfork, Whitmer, Job, Alpena, Evenwood, Wymer, and all the rural areas of the Dryfork district. We are here to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for people of all ages to participate in athletic events, recreational, and wellness activities without discrimination. We welcome visitors from all around to enjoy our facility.

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