Macy's Dress Auction for Rukundo International

August 2020
09:15 PM EDT
October 2020
09:00 PM EDT
GOAL $5,000.00
11.5% To Goal

About Our Auction

Macy's, Inc. Store #47 in Annapolis, Maryland, generously donated these dresses to our cause. They are overstocks, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic causing the cancelation of spring events. These dresses were taken directly off the rack from the store. They are brand new, with a few missing tags. Our goal is to raise funds for our programs in Uganda and distribute the dresses locally in the Washington, DC area to girls in need.

There are two ways you can participate:
1) For every $30 donation, we will donate one dress to a girl in need in the Washington, DC area. Keep in mind that $30 helps us provide 150 meals at Rukundo Preparatory School. It's a double donation!

2) You can purchase one of the dresses from our auction for personal use, knowing that we will use the funds to impact our life-changing programs in Uganda.

Once a purchase is made, you can email us with your size selection.

Thank you for supporting girls in need all over the globe!

About Rukundo International

Rukundo International's mission is to empower Kabale, Uganda's most vulnerable populations through educational and economic opportunities that create pathways to self-sustaining communities.

Our flagship program, Rukundo Preparatory School, serves some of the most vulnerable children in rural Uganda. The school operates in a holistic manner, with the goal of creating a healthy educational environment that ministers to the development of the child in totality: intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. It is the school's mission “to create world-changers through the power of high-quality education, love in action, and humble service.”

In addition to our school, we operate a community center, serving over 100 children each Sunday; have a Girl's Empowerment Program in seven public schools, with over 1,100 graduates; support 22 local women through our Women's Agricultural Cooperative; and support the educational needs of 56 additional students through our Scholars program.

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