Pink Auction 2023

Dive into the Pink
October 2023
05:00 PM PDT
October 2023
06:17 PM PDT
GOAL $23,000.00
113.6% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Help us kick cancer's butt by bidding big in this year's Pink Auction! We are a salary-free, low administrative cost 501c3, so every cent we raise goes towards the fight against cancer.

About Dive into the Pink

Dive into the Pink, Inc was started in 2015 by Allison Vitsky, a breast cancer survivor, veteran scuba diver, and underwater photographer, who wanted to raise money to fight cancer in an unconventional way: by mobilizing the scuba community through dive charters and scuba-related activities.

100% of our proceeds are split between the Young Survival Coalition (YSC), an international organization dedicated to the critical issues of young women with breast cancer, and the Guise Laboratory at MD Anderson. For the former, our money is earmarked for support programs, and for the latter, we will be directly supporting a scientific study that evaluates whether certain characteristics of the bone marrow microenvironment can alter/promote the spread of cancer (breast and other types) to the bone.

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