Center for Traditional Medicine Auction

Center for World Indigenous Studies
October 2020
12:30 PM CDT
December 2020
11:00 PM CST

About Our Auction

The Center for World Indigenous Studies/Center for Traditional Medicine's 2020 auction will fund Nutrients for Natives, a program of particular importance to us. Nutrients for Natives allows us to provide low-cost natural medicine health care and medical massage for Indigenous Peoples with diabetes and pain, with a regional focus on the Pacific Northwest and Cabo Corrientes, Mexico.

Dr. Leslie Korn started the Center for Traditional Medicine in 1977 and brought it into CWIS in 1996.

Read more about her work:

Read about our Nutrients for Natives program:

Check out the official video on the program:

Disclaimer: We are a small staff with many items to ship. We cannot guarantee shipping before the Holidays, and most items will arrive in January.

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