Craft and Critters

November 2020
04:00 PM CST
November 2020
05:00 PM CST

About Our Auction

This auction will raise funds to assist the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library to host exhibits and public programming and to care for the museum and library collections.

About Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library

VISION: To inspire engagement with the art of craft

MISSION: Providing resources and a meeting place connecting people to craft

MANDATE: To collect, preserve and present historical and contemporary crafts within the cultural mosaic of Manitoba

Respecting the hand made
Fostering excellence
Sharing knowledge
Encouraging Participation
Ensuring Transparency

Statement of Current Status

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library (MCML) is a repository of a wealth of information and expertise on the practice and preservation of all forms of craft. Through its artifact and book collection, preservation, exhibitions, public programs and educational outreach, MCML increases community appreciation of the unique artistic and social role that craft plays in current and traditional society.

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in 2001 and is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors and a half-time professional curator.

With over 10,000 artifacts in its collection, the Museum is a legacy of traditional handicrafts and tools originating primarily in Manitoba. In addition to the material history of MCML’s parent body, the Crafts Guild of Manitoba, the collection represents the rich history of Manitoba crafts artists and the variety of craft traditions brought to Canada by immigrants from around the world.

The Library holds over 4,000 contemporary and historical books and hundreds of magazines, scrapbooks and craft patterns. It is a unique resource for the craft artist, historian, and teacher. It is a lending library for MCML members, but all visitors can use the library on site, and we offer Inter-Library Loan to libraries across Canada.

With their exclusive focus on traditional and contemporary handcrafts, the Museum and Library collections together form the only organization of its kind in Canada.

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