CPCS School Improvement Fund Silent Auction

October 2016
08:00 PM EDT
December 2016
09:03 PM EST

About Our Auction

The Community Public Charter School's mission is to provide an innovative learning environment, using the arts, to help children in grades six through eight balance individual strengths and developmental needs to develop the whole child intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Our school’s governance structure is a School Management Team reporting to the Albemarle County School Board. This auction is sponsored by the CPCS School Advancement Committee, and all funds go to the 501(c)3 School Improvement Fund to support innovative programs at CPCS which go beyond the typical public school curriculum.

About Community Public Charter School

Many of our students come to us frustrated by traditional schooling. Some have trouble with the traditional teacher-student relationship; they either experience power struggles or feel like they are lost in a crowd. Others are frustrated by their needs for reading/math and processing help which are difficult to address in the traditional pacing guide; they cannot learn or produce work in ways that work for them in their traditional schools' schedules. CPCS gives them a place to have their needs met and spend their middle school years experiencing success and engagement.

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