Online Auction to benefit COME UNITY

November 2019
08:00 AM EST
December 2019
08:06 PM EST
GOAL $15,000.00
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About Our Auction

Welcome to our auction!

COME UNITY partners with East African communities to develop sustainable solutions to poverty. Proceeds from this event will help fund basic needs, education, and sustainable income programs in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Browse the auction's 2 pages to find outings and handmade goods to bid on, or to support a project directly by purchasing an item now. You can view all items, or filter by category. Check back often, as we may even add an item or 2 during the auction!

Happy bidding! And thank you for your investment in COME UNITY!


CHECK YOUR EMAIL :: Once the auction begins, you are welcome to place a bid. You will receive notifications from 32auctions via email when you are outbid on an item. So, check your email!

PROXY BID :: Exact bids as well as proxy bids are allowed in our auction. Set a proxy bid by entering the maximum amount you wish to pay for a desired item. 32auctions will bid for you up to your maximum amount. Your bid will remain confidential unless you are outbid.

EXTENDED BIDDING :: At the close of the auction there will be extended bidding on ANY ITEMS that have been bid on in the final three minutes of the auction! If you are outbid in the final three minutes, you will have three minutes to update your bid. If you do not bid the winner is declared. Extended bidding goes on for 30 minutes total. The extended bidding period is open to anyone willing to make a bid.

SHIPPING :: At the close of the auction bidders will be notified of their winnings via email. You will receive payment information and once your payment is received, items will be shipped to you in 7-10 business days. A small shipping fee has been calculated into the items, so there will be no extra shipping fee for auction winners.

BUY NOW :: Most items in the auction truly are up for auction. However, there are a few items that are available "for sale" only (not for auction). These items are mostly project donations and listed in the "Buy Now" category.

DONATE :: Do you love what we're all about? Consider a donation, we would be so very grateful!


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We partner with East African communities to develop sustainable solutions to poverty. Together, we meet basic needs, provide education, and create opportunities that allow our partners to build self-sufficient lives.

Our Vision

COME UNITY is a non-profit organization that addresses the complex issues of chronic poverty that have adversely impacted East African communities for generations. We are a development organization committed to building long-lasting, transparent relationships with local leaders, who guide our conversations and shape the vision for how to best see their communities out of poverty. We work to develop long term strategies that alleviate chronic poverty and foster sustainable change.

Chronic poverty is the result of multiple systemic failures and it is imperative that our solutions respond to that complexity. In order to address this complexity, COME UNITY developed a three-part approach to ensure that the communities we serve have the best chance possible to create steady, sustainable change.


We meet basic needs. Basic needs are requirements for an individual to maintain long term physical well-being such as food, water, shelter, and sanitation. Helping our partner communities to meet the basic requirements of daily life is our first priority, since doing so empowers and equips communities to address their own long term needs.

We provide education. Education through child sponsorship allows future generations to grow up with opportunities, knowledge, and hope not afforded to previous generations. Challenging the patterns that hold a community back from self-sufficiency, education provides resources to implement new ways of life.

We partner with local leaders to develop income generating activities. While sustainability looks different in every community, the goal is the same: cultivate opportunities for self-sufficiency. Our projects provide economic independence, strengthen the impact of already functioning institutions, and support the local economy to ensure our partners will have long lasting change.

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