Cole Elementary 2021 SIlent Auction

April 2021
At Midnight PDT
May 2021
12:09 AM PDT

About Our Auction

Come join us in supporting our Bulldogs while you bid and potentially win some seriously cool stuff! Our theme this year is Unity In Community and by that, we mean working together to support our Cole Community and the local community at the same time! Bid on some fun things to do locally and potentially made locally!

About Cole PTC

Hello, Cole family and friends! Welcome to this year's Cole Elementary PTC Silent Auction. We are super bummed we can't have this event in person along with our annual carnival but we promise to use the funds collected to make our next carnival the best it's ever been and to help pay for some upcoming fun for our Bulldogs this year! When you participate in this fundraiser it really helps us continue our goal of helping our Bulldogs have the best experience possible. Due to safety concerns and respect for our community, we have held off on fundraisers until now so we are really hoping our Cole community can come together

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