CLT's 2nd Annual "Not So Little" Auction

June 2020
05:00 PM EDT
June 2020
08:00 PM EDT
GOAL $5,000.00
135.4% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Community Little Theatre is in a time of great need, as are many theaters, businesses, and organizations across the globe. Prior to the pandemic, CLT was enjoying a time of some prosperity. We had a string of successful shows, a thriving youth program, and an active fundraising effort among our board and our general membership. We were working toward some important building maintenance projects and upgrades, as well as a fundraising campaign for a new heating and cooling system. This auction was initially intended to help fund those projects. However, due to COVID 19 we find ourselves in a different situation. We have had to cancel three of the five shows in our 80th season, as well as our summer youth and teen programs. We still look to the future and maintain all of our aspirations for the improvement of our facility, but these plans are on hold while we focus on getting through this unprecedented time. Our fundraising efforts must make up for our lost income, so that we can continue to pay our bills while we weather this storm. Our community and our membership have generously donated some wonderful items including unique experiences, music lessons, theatre memorabilia, signed books, art, gift cards, kitchen equipment, and much more! Please enjoy looking over our offerings, and know that your winning bids will help keep the doors open to our beloved and historical Community Little Theatre!

About Community Little Theatre

Community Little Theatre is a volunteer​ driven, non-profit organization. Our goal is to provide affordable, professional quality entertainment in the performing arts while at the same time fulfilling our civic responsibility to contribute to the education, training, and experience of those wishing to pursue activities in live theater.

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