Clinton Schoolyard Improvement Project

June 2019
08:00 PM EDT
June 2019
09:00 PM EDT
GOAL $4,000.00
143.9% REACHED!

About Our Auction

We are $4,000 away from our $20,000 fundraising target for the Schoolyard Improvement Project!
100% of the funds raised from this auction, combined with the funds raised last year and contributions from the TDSB, will fund the first major renovation of the schoolyard since the late 1980’s.
Our students deserve a safe, beautiful, functional and fun schoolyard, and together we can make that happen!

The project plan includes: 
• a new, additional, fenced kindergarten space at the front of the school 
• repaving the majority of the existing paved areas, including a new asphalt track with painted lines 
• removing some asphalt at the north end of the schoolyard and replacing with mulch, gardens, log seating, trees and shrubs 
• a newly graded and sodded field 
• new seating and retaining walls along Clinton Street
• wooden benches built around several trees
• a wooden multi-use platform – can be used as seating, as a stage, as an outdoor classroom area, etc.
• painted games (hopscotch, four square etc.) on the asphalt

See project drawings and details here:

The school community is responsible for funding any enhancements, such as the multi-use wooden platforms for dramatic play & seating, wooden benches built around some of the trees, painted graphics on the ground ( hopscotch, four-square etc.), sensory stations etc. If we surpass our fundraising target we will be able to enhance the project even further! The project will begin later this year.

About Clinton School Council

Clinton School Council is an advisory group of parents, principal and school staff who work together to enrich the educational experience of the children who attend Clinton Street Public School, through community building and fundraising.

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